Friday, May 29, 2015

cisco tac android app

I broke down and installed & tried the  cisco tech-support mobile app. This is a good approach  for support and  providing customers access to the vendor support portal.

We have apps for  everything from weather, news, food sport, airline status, hospital appointments, movie info, ......." heck why not support ? "

I push this andorid app &  installed it on a Samsung Galaxy 12.2" tablet for trial and my 1st attempts at login was a failure.

But soon I was able to login and review support contracts, review open/closed cases & in the same fashion as that of the web acces. I didn't try to open a new case but it looks like you will need to know the serial # and complete some simple search to find the device.

I'm sure plenty of other vendors will start offering a mobile app support tool & the future will see more customer interface tools design around the mobile end-device.

Ken Felix
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  1. What model of keyboard is that?
    BTW great post.. I agree the last part.

  2. That's a Samsung 12.2 USB keyboard that I bought in best Buy ( San Antonio Forum ) but you can find it in Amazaon for probably 10-20usd cheaper. I've also used a usb folded-up keyboard with the USB-OTG adapter also.

    Thanks for reading my post.