Monday, November 24, 2014

My SixXS ipv6 tunnel setup attempts

SixXS  has been a major player within the  IPv6 tunneling creation, with over 40+ pops worldwide accept africa, they have one the biggest tunnel-broker service outside of  Hurricane Electric.  You can find more here;

When you 1st go to the account creation page you have to fill out a  multi-line  account request to include  your ful-name EUI format phone #, address etc... Most of this is populated in their WHOIS server that they manage.

Once you get your account acceptance email, than you will have to wait approx 1 -2 days for approval.


note: The one negative about  SixXS, if you loose your "usernanme" you can not conduct a simple  password recovery. You need to supply the  username and  email-address for recovery. HE does not have the  limitation btw.

After approval, you can select a tunnel and pop for servicing the tunnel.  The tunnel pop selection should be based on distance to the PoP from your service router or firewall. But you should click on the pop to see and get details of the pop. Look at the establishment date, number or prefix and type of prefixes served from that pop.

( example chi equinix location )

note: I circled key items to review above

After, you have selected the pop and have  supplied your tunnel information, than you can proceed with  configuration of your end device.

As of today's date, I still have not been successful in obtaining a Ipv6 tunnel via SixXS. And y 1st attempt was done like 2 months ago.

Stay tune.

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