Friday, October 24, 2014

Tip for rebooting "Redundant Supervisor" modules cisco 6500x

Under cisco software version 15.1.x,  you  have a few ways for resetting line cards. The older reload module cli command is no longer available. So you have to  be creative.

To reset any linecard that's not a supervisor module, you can issued the following command from global configuration mode;

no power enable module  X
( where X = the slot # )

followed by a;

power enable module  X
( where X = the slot # )

But this command is not available for a supervisor  linecard  ( standby or active ). If you try to use the above command against a supervisor linecard, you will be present with the following error

( example )

So if you have a supervisor linecard hung-up, or didn't boot correctly like this standby;

Than your only option outside of physically being on site, and pulling the linecard,  is to do a hw-module reset

This tip can save time and effort for remote DataCenters or eliminates the need for  "remote hands" & for physically resetting a  supervisor linecard.

The hw-module module X reset command pretty much works for ALL card types ( supervisors, NAMs, interface linecards,  NAMS, etc....)

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