Friday, May 9, 2014

Ugrading a Cisco SSP-IPS20

In this post we will look at how easy it is to upgrade a cisco IPS module.

In this upgrade, I 've jumped from  7.1(1)E4  to 7.3(2)E4. The whole upgrade took less than 15-20 mins.

1st you will need a SMARTNET support contract and access to the upgrade pkg file

2nd, access the  IPS module from a sesssion 1 command from the  cisco ASA

note:  if you forgot  your password , than execute a hw-module module 1 password-reset and reset  the password

default username/password =  cisco/cisco

3rd , backup your configs

4th, copy the  software-pkg-file   to your upload server. I'm  going to conduct the upgrade using  ftp from this server via the command

upgrade ftp://myusernameonftpserver@x.x.x.x/package-file-named.pkg 

note: be patient, this can take 4-10 mins to re-initialize and come back up.

Last, after the unit has restored to a up status, you can now issues a    show module from the ASA or login into the  IPS module to validate the new software version via a show version command.

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