Saturday, March 29, 2014

Juniper SRX neighbor-ship-protocol

In this post we will see how easy it's to enable ipv6  Route-advertisement  via NDP on a Juniper SRX.


The topology;

The ipv6  firewall has two ipv6  defined  /64 prefixes of  2001.db8:{98-99}::/64 and we will set these up for basic route  advertisement for SLACC ipv6  enable clients.


The interface has to be configured for address within  the prefix that we will advertise;


We now have to enable neighbor-ship protocol & define the prefixes for advertisement;

NOTE:  full config  see the arrow and blue oval


We can validate that ipv6 SLACC clients can receive the prefixes as shown with my macbook;

NOTE: The arrows show our privacy and EOUI-64 ipv6  addresses

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