Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A quick look at MACOSX GNS3 and junos

NOTE:Please don't email me for a junos image 

In this post, we will look at installing a prep  junos image into GNS3 and seeing how simple it can be. The version of  MACOSX &  GNS3 I'm running ;

Now to install the image, you only need to  craft your junos configuration GNS3
preferences  Qemu > JunOS

And after you have the image installed, you can boot the image and have at it.

Once GNS3 boots up the image,  username = root password = ( no password )

and here's your login prompt

Login =  root ( no password )

Once you have gained access, just type  the cmd  "cli" to get a prompt, and then "configure" and you can start configurations.

note: be patience, the images typically are large and can take any where from 2-10mins to fully boot.

GNS3 is great in  booting really images and testing  commands and features. It allows for a candidate to get experience & without buy expensive hardware.

NOTE:Please don't email me for a junos image  

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