Friday, December 21, 2012

CCIE LAB my basic ideals on areas of study

This page is some things that I looked at while doing my lab prep & my thoughts concerning the various technologies;

( good places to start )
Cisco dot com
INE blogs
My own lab gear  2x 3825ISR, 2x 1841ISR, 2x 3560, 1x 3550

technologies I restudied since my written lab approx a year ago;

PPP auth
PPPoE client/server configurations
Time ACL
MPLS lab creation isnce my 1841ISR didn't have all true features of MPLS and BGPvpnv4
mPPP links since my routers where limited in slots or card interfaces
frame-relay switch
OSPF neighbors types
md5 auth EIGRP+OSPF
AAA configurations
EIGRP  routing
BGP MPLS vpnv4

Areas that I didn't focus that much time in or with;

BGP basic or advance routing
layer2 switchports
ipv6 unicast 
OSPF routing
RIP routing
AS_PATH or Prefix-list creations
NETFLOW ( I do that just about everyday in my current role ;)
logging local or remote
ssh , dhcp or other local services
vlan filtering

I hope this helps :)

Ken Felix
Freelance Network/Security Engineer
kfelix at hyperfeed dot com

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