Friday, November 30, 2012

ipv6 ready and supported firewalls

Here's a quick list of some known firewalls that support ipv6. I'm sure their others, but these are just a list that I'm aware of.

  Fortigate ( linux based )
  pfsense ( bsd based )
  Halon SR ( bsd based )
  linux  iptables with ipv6  ( kernel 2.6.x )
  cisco ASA ( linux based )
  Juniper ( bsd based )
  PaloAlto  ( ????? based )
  Cyberoam   ( linux based )
  Checkpoint ( linux based )

( note: I've have worked on all of the above  platforms  ( bold )  with regards to ipv6   and they don't always support dynamic routing for IPv6, and might lack  RIP-ng or OSPFv3 , they also might be very restrictive , base on  software  such as support for DHCPv6 server )

With the big push for IPv6 ready gear and IPv6 migrations, the vendors are slowly catching up and moving forward.

Ken Felix
Freelance Security and Network Engineer
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